Badminton rules

At Academy Badminton Club we aim to play to the rules as defined by the sports governing body, the Badminton World Federation (BWF). However, these rules are very extensive and incorporate the use of technology and umpiring that we do not have access to. We therefore aim to play to the spirit of these rules as far as we are able to apply them, and trust everyone acts fairly and in good faith.

To get you started, a good, simplified explanation of the basic badminton rules is available here.

Bristol Badminton League produce their own rules of competition for league matches and this can be downloaded here.

Club rules and local byelaws

All players must make line calls honestly and to the best of their ability. And equally, all players must accept line calls in good faith. If players are unsighted and a decision cannot be agreed upon, then a let may be called and the point replayed.

Although there is considerable variation in ceiling heights from sports hall to sports hall we do not feel the ceiling at The Park is excessively low. Therefore, any shuttle that hits the ceiling is deemed to be a fault and a let should not be called. However, there are occasionally a couple of items of hanging gym equipment (ropes etc) which are beyond our control. In the event that one of these is hit during play a let should be called.

Due to the current Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic we have had to cancel club nights. With Badminton England's guidance slowly changing we are hoping to resume playing shortly so watch this space for updates. Unfortunately, until we are able to resume club nights with full numbers we are unable to consider new members to the club. We will keep this under review and as soon as it becomes possible, invite more people to try the club. Please don't just turn up as we will be unable to let you play.